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Deepa was brilliant here:

Other people continued the brilliance in numerous threads of multi-player awesomeness (do read all 6 pages of comments, a good 98% or more is either loving-on or joining-in).

A few persons wandered in who Did Not Get It and demonstrated their notgettingitness in frankly tiresome ways. Deepa was admirably polite in offering them clues. One such person violently rejected the clues in ways I found personally offensive, and I responded in their vein rather than in the spirit of the post:

Deepa quite fairly requested that any further conversation between this anon (one does wonder how someone with no DW account and no other account with any site -- facebook, Google, LJ, MySpace, Wordpress, Yahoo, even AOL -- which supports OpenID login even found Deepa's post in the first place) and me take place elsewhere than her journal. Since that anon, or someone representing themselves as such (I can't tell, IP addresses are not visible to me on that post and are easily-enough spoofed in any case) has stated they intend to continue the conversation once a temporary physical disability issue no longer hampers their ability to type, I am making this post as a place for them to continue conversing with me.

I reserve the right to cut off conversation with the abovementioned anon, or anyone else, should they engage in trollery.

Others are welcome to join in this conversation, but in the interest of fairness I suggest we wait until anon makes their forthcoming response to my comment before engaging further. (Writing up a draft for later posting is recommended for those who feel the need to get their thoughts down in pixels in the meantime. I know the anon's [or an anon's] final comment directed at Deepa made me itch to respond.) This is however merely a suggestion, and all non-trolling comments are welcome.

(Anonymous comments will be screened. Anons in search of a DW invite code may or may not receive one from me on request.)
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No more using OpenID to comment on y'all's dw posts. (:

At some point I'll probably import my LJ, but to a separate DW account with the same username as my LJ. Since this username was actually still available, I snapped it up.

Most of my creative output lately has been food blogging and platform-game design anyway, so using this account for those sorts of things seemed like a good idea.

Thanks to [personal profile] petra for the invite code... and to everyone else who offered me one over the last however many months I've been putting this off for.


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